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Behemoth The Satanist review


The Satanist 




There are many things that can hold a band back drugs, alcohol or just plain bitchy behaviour, the list is certainly limitless. Yet an unexpected problem is that of ill health.

We all think our favourite bands as gods of old, never succumbing to the ills of us mortal men but certainly it is happening more and more to those we admire, Lemmy in particular has had recent health scares but in this instance the charismatic frontman of Behemoth Nergal suffered from life threaten leukaemia in 2010, too individuals it would have been the nail in the coffin for Behemoth. For Nergal and the boys, the phrase ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ and this is philosophy holds true for Behemoth in 2014.

It’s hard to believe 2009 was Behemoth’s last album, fast forward 5 years, the Phoenix has risen once more and what a magnificent bird it is.

The Satanist, a simple title perhaps and an even simpler art work really says it all about this album. The title is designed into a key, for you to unlock your primordial reaction and unveil your own ideas and interpretations you decipher from it.

The music itself is exactly what you expect from Behemoth. Their trademark blackened death metal sound is apparent from the get go, intense almost dangerous drumming and a chainsaw like guitar really cuts through this album like a blowtorch through butter. Nergal lyrically has some real destruction and fire raging within in blackened heart with this one and you can hear him spit fire like a pissed off Smaug.

Behemoth show how to do metal for 2014, combining pace, attack, atmosphere and bombastic approach that takes the best bits from death metal and black metal and moulds them into something ferocious and certainly a new and extremely powerful beast. 2014 will be Behemoth’s year, watch out they’re back, and this beast is hungry.

Stand out tracks: Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel, Messe Noire and The Satanist.

9.5/10- The Phoenix has risen once more.

Review by Nathan Kerridge-Porter

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